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Leelo means green in the Gujarati language.

I wanted my products to be associated with the color green to represent environment sustainability, vibrance, health, stability, and abundance. The ingredients come from the earth and the packaging goes right back in it. Bottles, cups, cans, that you can either recycle or reuse. High-quality skin and haircare does not have to be expensive and you deserve to use the best ingredients for your needs. Embrace skin and haircare using derivatives from natural resources.

Without fillers. Without Parabens. Without Fragrances. Without Dyes.

What started as a small project, during the pandemic, to promote sustainable and clean skincare to my community, eventually reached 300 customers in my first year. My skincare products used to be categorized under three collections under BrowsbyKunti LLC. I sold facial serums and masks, hair scrubs and oil, soap, and body butters/oil. I know I didn't pop off, but I had repeat customers and it was just a beautiful time. After I moved back to South Jersey and eventually started my first full-time job, I was unable to continue making my products for the past two years and it sort of fizzled out. But for a while now, I've just been itching to get back at it. This small project became a dream for me at a certain point, I don't know when but I know I am still just as passionate.

LEELO Skin & Hair is meant to provide you, the consumer, the best and most natural, grounding experience when nourishing and enriching your skin and body. It matters whether you can the ingredients you use on your skin. Take a look at your moisturizers, lotions, soaps, and hair products. Skincare products with fillers and chemicals are a more recent phenomenon; oils derived from fruits, nuts, flowers, plants, have been around for centuries.

I plan to donate 10% of the sales from my products to as environmental nonprofit organization. I will have to research the various organizations that exist and will have it chosen before my official summer launch!

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