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"BrowsbyKunti is an identity-inclusive, affordable, eco-conscious beauty business that promotes sustainability, natural beauty, and self-care. My business aims to provide the best service to each individual and make my eyebrow and eyelash services as affordable as possible. I hope through my products and services, I can enhance natural beauty, boost self-love and accentuate confidence. Through my philanthropy initiative and eco-conscious business processes, my business strives to make a difference in the beauty industry."


"Sustainable self-care can brighten every aspect of your life."

I lived in India for three and a half years during my teen years and there, I was taught and certified as an eyebrow technician. I never practiced outside of my family in highschool, but I honestly missed out. When I got to college I was really busy with classes so I decided to start threading eyebrows. I used to pass out my cards while walking on campus. I got great feedback along the way and decided to invest more time and energy into it, until I eventually got to a point where I decided I wanted to do this for as long as I could.

I ran my business all throughout college; I am so thankful I met so many amazing people, many of whom I call friends. During the pandemic, I was enlightened and began my mission to give back in small ways, and I created my philanthropy initiative, #RECOVERY. Through this initiative, I started providing free services and donating all the tips to a different nonprofit organization each time, all while raising some awareness for them and celebrating their hard work and mission. I also had the opportunity to create my own skincare line, made with natural oils, flowers, and extracts. During my senior year, my business was highlighted on 6abc News and The Temple News and I had the honor of being Student Commencement Speaker for my graduating Class of Fall 2021.

Nowadays: I moved back to Philadelphia and live in Francisville; I've been busy with my full-time job, business, and my Master's program in Digital Marketing at Temple University. Something newer I've implemented through my business is offering discounts to teachers, health professionals, and members of the armed forces in addition to the student discount!

I absolutely love and cherish my business and clients. I am on a mission of leaving a footprint behind and will do everything I can to give you the most satisfying service. I am so excited and blessed to meet so many unique individuals. Please note that with my schedule I am very busy and unfortunately my business is not a priority over my full-time role, school, and my personal life. If I don't respond quickly, it's probably because I am preoccupied with something else. I apologize for any inconvenience.



(pronouced: Koonthi or Koonti)

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