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Liability Waiver Form

I am a Fall 2021 Temple University graduate who has been conducting business on and off campus since 2017. I learned how to thread eyebrows in India when I was just 13 years old and received a certificate from the beauty parlor I was taking my classes at. I am self taught in eyebrow tinting, eyelash lifting, and eyebrow lamination. I have been performing eyebrow tinting and eyelash lifting for the past 3 years, with no reports of any allergic reactions or side effects. I use the highest quality of products, imported from Australia, and pay the extra money for these products to ensure that they provide the best outcome with little to no risk. After a recent discussion with my mentors, I've decided to request all of that of my clients sign a Liability Waiver form, to ensure you acknowledge the fact that I am not licensed and not liable for any complications of unintended effects.

Please sign your full legal name above.