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Keratin Eyelash Lift
Vegan, Cruelty-free, Water-based

Lasts: 6 - 8 Weeks
Service Duration: 45 mins - 60 mins

An eyelash lift or lamination uses silicon rods or shields to lift, curl, and separate your natural eyelashes. The traditional process is a two-step procedure; the first step uses a solution that softens your eyelashes, making them more malleable, after I carefully lift and separate your eyelashes around the rod. The second solution molds your eyelashes to the shape of the rod/shield, after which your eyelashes remain lifted for up to 8 weeks. The last step is the Keratin Treatment, which is a vegan product made with plant, root, and flower extracts, rich in amino acids, and is provided to strengthen your eyelash follicles, prevent frizzing, promote growth, and nourish your hair while maintain a healthy eyelash integrity.

Suitable for lashes of ALL lengths, color, and lash integrities.

**You cannot shower or workout, tan or sit out in the sun for a fill 24 hours post-lash lift. Please check your schedule accordingly.

*If you are booking this before a trip or event, I suggest booking one week to three days before :)

You should not get this treatment if you: Are pregnant, have any eye-related diseases, have a history of eye allergies, eye infections, styes, extremely sensitive eyes, extremely watery eyes, or chronic dry eye. You should book for a testing appointment if you have extremely sensitive skin.

Please Sign the Liability Form Prior to Your Appointment.

Eyelash Tint

As an optional add-on, the black eyelash tint provides your lashes with a contrast of color that makes your eyelash pop.

I recommend this to everyone who books an eyelash lift because the eyelash lamination lights your eyelashes to a minor degree, especially towards the ends, so adding the tint bring them back to a full black eyelash set.

Eyelash Lift Aftercare

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Moisture and Sweat

Do not shower for a full 24 hours post-lash lift. Avoid sun exposure, saunas, tanning beds, swimmings, and exercise for at least 48 hours.
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Mascara & Makeup

Do not wear makeup for the first 24 hours You are allowed to wear non-waterproof mascara, 48 hours after your eyelash lift.
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Maintenance Routine

Sleep on your back for the first two nights and as often as you can; this will avoid eyelash crimps. Brush your lashes everyday.
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Growth Serums & Oils

Do not allow any of your skincare products to touch your lashes, they may contain oils that can reduce the effect of the lift.
MASK MANDATE (Dec. 2023)

I require a mask for every service, so you must bring one.

*If you do not have a mask upon arrival, and I do not have extras, you will be charged $2.*

I apologize for any inconvenience, but this is an important safety protocol for the both of us.


I require each customer to sign the Liability Waiver for each unique service, as I am not a licensed professional. ex. once for eyebrow threading and once for eyelash lifting.

Thank you for trusting me.


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