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Recover yourself. Recover a cause.

We have raised $760 across 10 non-profit organizations so far.


#RECOVERY is an initiative created to recover yourself through self-care whilst recovering a cause. I will contribute to this initiative by providing free eyebrow threading on select day(s) of the month; since many customers like to donate after the free service, I decided to donate all proceeds to the chosen nonprofit for the month. I will post a poll on Instagram (@browsbykunti) pertaining to a cause that interests me and ask my followers to vote for the nonprofit they would like to support that month. I will then create content pertaining to the nonprofit organization, including its mission statement, a fact, ways to help, and my thoughts. You do not have to donate or tip. Voting for the nonprofit, donating to the cause, and reposting my content are all ways to be a part of the initiative.

More recently, The Temple News and 6abc News featured my initiative on their platforms. I am so incredibly grateful for the opportunity to reach more members of the community who are interested in giving back and being a part of something big. I am beyond excited to continue this initiative and am determined to continue bringing the change I want to see.

Week One :

Week Two : Women Against Abuse

Week Three : The Homeless Period Project

Week Four : Coalition Against Trafficking In Women

Week Five : Transgender Law Center

Week Six : African Wildlife Foundation

Week Seven : Feeding India

Week Eight : Doctors Without Borders

Week Nine : Save the Children

Week Ten : Haitian Bridge Alliance