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✔︎ Birthday Reward: You will get a reward for your birthday - FREE Eyebrow Threading; this can be used a week before or a week after your birthday! You MUST book the appointment with me and physically come to me to fulfill this reward. Same day appointments are available but not guaranteed.

 ✔︎ Rewards program: the 10th service is FREE. The rewards program is for individual services. For example, If you get both a lash lift and eyebrow threading regularly, each service will have its own rewards program, counting as one and one for each service. A referral of another friend for that same service counts towards that reward. For example. If you come to me twice a month for eyebrow threading but refer 4 new clients to me, that counts as 6/10 for the rewards of that service. If you come to me once a month for an eyebrow tint and refer 5 new clients to me, you're already sitting at 6/10 and the 10th service is FREE!

✔︎ High Priority: Anyone who is a part of the Loyalty Program will be prioritized over someone who is asking for an appointment last minute, meaning the day-of or up to 2 days in advance. If you are not a part of the program, of course I will do my best to fit you in, but there will be no guarantee. I apologize for the inconvenience.



Join the Loyalty Program

Contact Information

If I need to contact you or send you a calendar invite, I will use this email address. Please make sure that you use this email address regularly.

Each service will have its own rewards program. The 10th service will be free, but referrals count as one. For example, if you get your eyebrows done regularly and refer two new clients, you will sit at 3 points. If you get your lashes done regularly and refer 3 friends who book with me, you are sitting at 4 points. Again, the 10th service is free.

Please select a few options so I can adjust my schedule accordingly. I will be in Philadelphia on Tuesday
Just in case you need me to come to you, please provide me your address so I can map out where my clients live.

(Please select one.) I will use this information to plan my schedule and send you the invite.
You will receive a free eyebrow threading service within a week before or after your birthday!