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Pricing is listed at the bottom of this page.


I require a mask for every service, so you must bring one.

*If you do not have a mask upon arrival, and I do not have extras, you will be charged $2.*

I apologize for any inconvenience.


I require each customer to sign the Liability Waiver for each unique service, as I am not a licensed professional. ex. once for eyebrow threading and once for eyelash lifting.

Thank you for trusting me.

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Facial Threading
Lasts: 2 to 4 Weeks
Eyebrows + Upper lips + Chin + Sideburns+ Forehead+ Full-Face

A typical threading session varies from 5 to 30 minutes, in which every desired hair is removed from the root, leaving you hairless in that area for about 2 to 4 weeks, depending on how long it takes for your hair to grow back. I always ask my clients a few questions to understand what they're looking for and continue my process using their feedback! I use the following to understand what you want:

  • Eyebrow Shape Variations: Thickness (Thick or Thin) | Shape (Rounded or Angled) | Arch (Straight, Mild, Medium, High) | Tail (Tapered, Thick, or Lifted) | Front (Clean Cut, Feathered, or Messy)

Note: All threading services are offered and can be booked together, if need be. Just add a comment when booking and make a note of the service(s) you would like to add.

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Eyebrow Tinting
Lasts: 3 to 5 Weeks
Henna Eyebrow Tinting (Vegan) + Brow-dye Tint

Henna Eyebrow Tint: This service is done using a semi-permanent tint, henna dye, to stain the eyebrow hairs as well as the skin beneath them, giving the illusion of depth and satiation.The advantages of Henna Eyebrow Tinting includes the ability to fill in gaps within the eyebrow area to create a monotonous color throughout, thicken your natural eyebrow shape, and deepen the color of your brows. I use a combination of different henna dyes to create a custom color based on the shade of your eyebrows, skin, and hair color as well as the depth of color you want to achieve. It is important to note that excessive sun exposure, oil-based products, or brow exfoliation will cause the tint to fade quicker, since the products are water based.

Note: This service cannot be combined with the eyebrow lamination.

Service Length : 45 mins - 1 hour

Brow-dye Tint: This method uses a combination of various shades of eyebrow dyes to color your hair and is a relatively quicker process in comparison to the henna eyebrow tint. The dye lightly tints the skin and focuses on your eyebrow hairs. This type of tint is commonly paired with eyebrow lamination.

Note: If you have darker skin, you must come in 2 days prior to the service so I can perform a patch test. This is due to the addition of the black dye, which is notorious for causing more sensitivity to the skin. Please let me know if you have extra sensitive skin in the notes section of your service appointment, so I can omit the black dye entirely!

Service Length : Additional 15 minutes

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Keratin Eyebrow Lamination
Lasts: 4 to 6 Weeks
Keratin Eyebrow Lamination (Traditional)+ Keratin Eyebrow Lamination + Brow Tint

(Now Includes Keratin Treatment + Eyebrow Threading)

A traditional eyebrow lamination involves the process of straightening, elongating and placing eyebrow hairs into a thicker, uniform shape for an extended period of time. The solutions allow the hair to become more flexible in order to be realigned to the thickness or shape that you desire.

Who is recommended this service?

  • those who have a thinner eyebrow shape but long eyebrow hairs
  • those who have curly or out of place eyebrow hairs
  • those who have gaps within your eyebrow shape

There is one add-on to the traditional eyebrow lamination: Brow-dye Tint, for more information read the "Eyebrow Tinting" section above.

AVOID: If you are on strong skin medications like retinoids, pregnant, or breastfeeding, steroidal creams, any eye-related diseases and more. If you have any allergies, you must let me know ahead.

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The "Lifestyle Discount" applies to the following groups:
Students, Teachers, Members of the Armed Forces, and all Health Professionals!

If you do not fall within this category, please be mindful when booking your service.


Get In Touch With Me

Let's discuss your needs and how I can assist you! If you are looking for a consultation, please mention that in the message and I will get back to you as soon as possible. Instagram is the best way to reach me.


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Phone: (267) 223-5696

Instagram: @browsbykunti

16th & Ridge Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19122

Please be sure to check out the FAQs tab prior to your service! Hope to see you soon!


★ ★ ★ ★ ★

She is incredibly professional and knowledgable about her services! She always asks me what I want and makes sure I like it! She's so sweet and has always made me feel so comfortable, I wouldn't want to go to anyone else!

-Maya Williams

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

She always makes my brows look amazing. She knows what to do with my eyebrows, but if I want something specific, I tell her, and she does exactly what I want. Very comfortable to talk to and open to any feedback and suggestions!

-Abeera Tariq Ahmed

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

She honestly saved my face-always makes my brows look natural and I always feel comfortable. She definitely helped my eyebrows and gave me great advice, which I use all the time! Wish I can take her everywhere I go!

-Carson Kohler

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

She’s the first to actually take the time to ask me questions about how I want my brows and the first to create a shape I love. My brows are always so even and exactly how I want. I’m absolutely in love with them and especially after I started tinting them with her! 10/10 highly recommend.

-Alexa Quinones

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Kunti provided such an excellent service! This was my first time getting my eyebrows threaded, and now I don't think I will ever go back to waxing. Kunti was super professional and sweet, she talked me through the threading process and asked for my approval before every eyebrow-related decision she made on me. I am super happy with the results, and will be going to her from now on for all of my beauty needs! Wish I could give more than 5 stars!

-Joanna Stasiak

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

I’ve been getting my eyebrows done by Kunti for over a year now and she never disappoints! She’s genuine, professional, clean, organized and great at what she does! One session usually lasts a whole month for me rather than before getting it waxed which I would have to go every 2 weeks. I look forward to receiving some of her other services! Definitely recommend for eyebrow threading and anything else she offers!!😊

-Emily Tran